2020's grand prize winner received a consultation package provided by Roadmap Writers. It included sessions with top talent managers and development executives at First Friday Entertainment, Kersey Management, and Tradition Pictures. Our top two finalists received consultations with managers at the Bohemia Group and award winning writer/director/producer Joe Russo.


Grand Prize Winner!

The Pinch by James Raynor



The Boy on the Bus by Matia Karrell and CW Cressler

Mary by Josh Brodis


Semi Finalists
Light Years from Home by Aaron Pope and B Gautham
Desert Quarry by James Palmer
Six Bullets at Sundown by Paul Grammatico
Retribution by Alex Duong
Correcting Time by Allegra Nasi
The Hill is Bled by Declan O’Connor
At the Mercy of Faith by Samuel Lee Taylor
Drag Queen Ninjas by Michael Van Patten
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